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  • Delegate Series: Personal Stories

    • August 19, 2016
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    Special contribution by Andrew Talpash


    I have been attending TEDx Toronto for three years now, and I look forward to attending each year. The talks are thought-provoking, and allow me to take time to pause and reflect on where I am going and what I am focusing on. My favourite part of each talk is the personal element, as I am intrigued by people’s unique stories and life experiences – and the way you can find ways to relate to each of these fascinating individuals.

    There is such a wide range of topics covered throughout the conference day, which allows me to get a pulse on what is at the forefront of the minds of Canadians – while becoming further informed on emerging trends in science and technology.

    The opening performance is always impressive, usually drawing from some of the best talent in Canada’s performing arts community.

    TEDxToronto is always a day that leaves me inspired.


    Applications to Attend are open until September 5, 2016 at 11:59pm // Apply Today Here

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  • Announcing the Speakers for TEDxToronto 2016 | Symbols + Signals

    • August 16, 2016
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    speaker announcement blog


    After receiving a record number of speaker nominations, we are excited to reveal the official lineup of big thinkers and change-makers who will take the stage on October 27, 2016.

    The 12 talks will span across topics such as science, gaming, sexuality, language, entertainment, design and the future of work – leaving you to wonder, share and take action.



    1. Aled Edwards // Chief Executive, Structural Genomics Consortium
    2. Andray Domise // Writer & Community Activist
    3. Bassel Mcleash // LGBTQ+ Advocate
    4. Calvin Rieder // Student & Member of World Youth Parliament for Water
    5. Duana Taha // TV Writer, Author & Name Expert
    6. Dr. Helene Polatajko // Occupational Therapist & Rehabilitation Scientist Researcher
    7. Marcel Danesi // Professor of Semiotics and Linguistic Anthropology
    8. Dr. Mary Donohue // CEO of Donohue Learning
    9. Nick Saul // President & CEO of Community Food Centres Canada
    10. Paul Rowan // Co-founder & VP Inspiration, Umbra
    11. Salim Ismail // CEO, ExO Works & Founding Executive Director, Singularity University
    12. Sarah Barmak // Female Sexuality Author & Journalist


    To learn more about our 2016 speakers, you can read their full bios HERE


    Further details about conference day will be shared in the coming weeks, including the lineup of Tech Demonstrations and special Performances.

    Applications to attend TEDxToronto have been extended to Monday, September 5th (11:59pm) // Apply Here

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  • Delegate Series: Why I attend TEDxToronto // Once a year…

    • August 14, 2016
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    Special contribution by Mauer Chiarello


    My favourite thing about going to TEDxToronto is that it pulls you from your daily routine and plunges you into a world you didn’t know existed – one where fascinating people are doing amazing – things that you didn’t even know needed doing. If you’re reading this, I’m confident that you have likely experienced a TED talk.

    There are thousands available to view at TED.com. These (less than) 18 minute talks are inspirational, sometimes controversial, but always entertaining and hugely educational.  Because it’s a talk and not a presentation, the best ones feel like you are being told a story – and who doesn’t love a good story? TED.com is a terrific resource, but going to a TED or TEDx conference is so much more than the talks.

    The TEDxToronto conference is phenomenal. It is well-organized by volunteers who care, and there is a strong diversity of curated speakers. The conference day includes several breaks, where you can meet interesting attendees with whom you can further the discussions and help spread great ideas.  It is more engaging and interesting than any other conference I attend – and it’s also the one day a year that I keep my phone off for the entire day. It’s a guaranteed day free of Kimye and the other vacuous pursuits of our modern lives. Interspersed with all these talks are cutting edge, diverse forms of local entertainment to keep your brain firing on all cylinders!

    I always leave TEDxToronto feeling invigorated, excited, informed – and am able to find ways to channel that into my daily life whether at work where I run a small consulting firm or at play where I perform in a community orchestra. It helps me be a better citizen of the world.


    Applications to Attend are open until September 5, 2016 at 11:59pm // Apply Today Here

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  • Delegate Series: Why I attend TEDxToronto // Contradictions and Curiosity

    • August 9, 2016
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    Special contribution by Erin Graham


    What, or who, is Toronto? We as a city have been described as many things. My favourites include “New York City, run by the Swiss”, and more recently, The Guardian called us “the most fascinatingly boring city in the world”. What we signal to the world, and to each other, is a city living rather happily in the midst of delightful contradictions. Arguably the most multicultural city in the world, but without the divisiveness that many other metropolitan areas are grappling with lately. Brilliant people who do fascinating things, but all in the context of cautious and deliberate economic growth.  Countless ways to feed your curiosity for new and outrageous diversions, but full of many close-knit and safe communities.

    I see these contradictions come to life beautifully at TEDxToronto. When you attend TEDxToronto, you will learn what it feels like to be surrounded by 1,000 people who are curious, earnest, and open-minded. You will meet people whose perspectives will challenge your view of the world, because you didn’t know their area of expertise even existed. Sometimes, I think what TEDxToronto does to my mind is similar to what trying a new sport does to the body: you realize there are muscles and tendons being used that you didn’t know existed in the first place. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “the mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.”

    Applications to Attend are open until September 5, 2016 at 11:59pm // Apply Today Here

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  • What Makes A Strong Application to Attend?

    • August 5, 2016
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    Screenshot 2016-08-05 10.17.15

    Are you an innovator, change-maker, or a passionate individual pushing the limits beyond what you ever thought possible? Are you inspired to wake up everyday and help your community, city or world become a better place? We want to hear from you, learn your story, and hear about how you plan to share the ideas that inspire you at TEDxToronto 2016.  

    TEDxToronto is entering its 8th year, taking place at the Koerner Hall, Telus Centre for Performance and Learning on October 27, 2016. This full-day conference brings together people from all over Toronto, aiming to inspire the audience with the big ideas and unique stories that exist throughout our city.

    Over 1,000 delegates will be personally selected by our organizing committee, as we look to curate a diverse audience of passionate individuals who will continue the conversation beyond conference day, within their individual networks.

    Who are we looking for? People with different perspectives, backgrounds, opinions and ideas; people who are looking to push the status quo and who are committed to creating change in the world; people who are curious about the big ideas that exist within their communities.

    We have a captivating lineup of speakers and performers who will take the stage this October – and we hope to see you in the audience.

    TEDxToronto applications are open until August 22, 2016 at 11:59 p.m.

    Note: Selected applicants will be contacted with an invitation to purchase a ticket. We also offer a limited amount of subsidized tickets, which can be requested on the application. All applicants will be notified by October 1st, 2016.