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  • Announcing First-Ever Stage Design Contest

    Stage Design Contest

    For the first time, TEDxToronto is inviting the Toronto community to set the stage for the 2015 conference. On a mission to showcase the best of Toronto’s creators, thinkers and innovators, TEDxToronto will be selecting one winner (team or individual) to design and build this year’s conference stage.

    The stage design contest is an opportunity for local designers, artists and creative minds alike to express what the conference theme (Thresholds) means to them – and bring it to life on stage. The design of the TEDxToronto stage is integral to both the speaker and audience experiences, as it provides a curated environment for inspiration, courage and the sharing of ideas.


  • Announcing the TEDxToronto 2015 Conference Theme & Speaker/Performer Nominations

    Photo from the 2014 TEDxToronto conference, courtesy of The Westend Studio

    Photo from the 2014 TEDxToronto conference, courtesy of The Westend Studio

    The TEDxToronto team is excited to be announcing this year’s powerful and thought-provoking conference theme: THRESHOLDS.

    A threshold is a doorway. Whether physical or figurative, crossing or not crossing a threshold often results in profound change. Sometimes a threshold is a boundary and sometimes a breaking point. It can be a beginning – a starting point for an experience, an event, or a new age. Or a threshold can be an ending, a point of no return, a Rubicon across which one cannot look back.


  • TEDxToronto 2015 Team Applications

    2015 Team Applications Are Now Closed

    Applications to join our Marketing, Programming, Logistics, Partnerships and After Party teams are now closed for the 2015 season. However, we will be searching for volunteers to help out on the day of our 2015 conference. Details will be released this summer.

  • Final round of talks and performances from TEDxToronto 2014

    Photo of The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, courtesy of The Westend Studio.

    Photo of The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, courtesy of The Westend Studio.

    We are pleased to share our final round of talks and performances from TEDxToronto 2014.

    The Toronto Symphony Orchestra: Ravel’s “Boléro”

    Founded in 1922, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) is one of Canada’s most important cultural institutions, recognized internationally as an outstanding orchestra. To open TEDxToronto 2014, the TSO gave a surprise performance of Maurice Ravel’s “Boléro.” The snare drum sets the piece in motion; against the rhythmic foundation it taps out continuously, the main theme is first played, very quietly, by a flute, then gradually, every type of orchestral instrument joins in with the theme in turn. The ensemble steadily increases in sound and size as the piece progresses, until all members of the orchestra are playing, reaching full volume at the piece’s climax. As a musical representation of this conference’s theme, “Boléro” brings to mind an evolving entity of many parts working together in steady—though relentless—pursuit of a single goal.

    Colin Boyd Shafer: Ordinary people, Extraordinary Lives: Photographing the World

    In his project “Cosmopolis”, Toronto-based photographer Colin Boyd Shafer takes a portrait of a different Torontonian from every country in the world. In this thoughtful and inspiring TEDxToronto talk, Colin helps demonstrate the power of human connection through personal story, while teaching us that sometimes the best stories are the ones from those we least expect.

    Dr. Margot Taylor: Seeing Invisible Injury: Diagnosing PTSD

    World-renowned researcher Dr. Margot Taylor and her research team were asked by the Canadian Armed Forces to see if they could develop a method to diagnose Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this important talk, Dr. Taylor shares her experience in undertaking this groundbreaking discovery while sharing some key insights around the importance of asking difficult questions to challenge our current ways of thinking.

    Maylee Todd: Inspiring Creativity Through the Power of Sound

    In this dynamic performance, Canadian musician Maylee Todd uplifts the audience with eclectic musical forms. Her style combines organic and electronic elements, including boogie, bossa, space funk, psychedelia and soul. This dynamic and creative approach inspires creativity and challenges us to think what is possible when we combine different mediums to create new and different results – both in music and in life.

    The rest of the talks and performances from TEDxToronto 2014 are available for viewing, here. Thank you for continuing to help us share ideas worth spreading.