Introducing the First Round of Speakers for TEDxToronto 2017


  • Introducing the First Round of Speakers for TEDxToronto 2017

    • July 11, 2017
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    Introducing the First Round of Speakers for TEDxToronto 2017

    On October 27, 2017, we will unveil our 9th annual TEDxToronto conference: Legacy. In selecting this year’s speakers, we sought out individuals who are true trailblazers in their fields; people who are not only shaping their own legacies but those of the businesses, movements, and communities they are part of.

    Visionaries, educators, activists, and community leaders.


  • From Local to Global: 7 TEDxToronto Talks Featured on

    • May 31, 2017
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    From Local to Global: 7 TEDxToronto Talks Featured on

    With the growing TEDx community worldwide, TEDx Talks are taking place each day. While these events feature local talent, they all possess a common mission to share “ideas worth spreading”. We are lucky to have 7 TEDxToronto Talks featured on This speaks volumes to the calibre of speakers we have had on our stage.

    From the TEDxToronto stage to, this is the chance to reminisce and honour their influence and contribution to the community and beyond. While their stories began in Toronto, their legacies continue to create an impact globally.

    Here are 7 TEDxToronto talks you don’t want to miss (you may even want to watch them again!):


  • Nominate Yourself: Speak at TEDxToronto 2017

    • April 18, 2017
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    Nominate Yourself: Speak at TEDxToronto 2017

    Do you have a big idea that you want to share with others? Or, has it always been a goal of yours to speak at a TEDx conference? This is the time to nominate yourself to be a speaker or performer at TEDxToronto 2017. Participating in the conference is a great opportunity to connect with a diverse audience and share your ideas.

    Here’s why you should nominate yourself to speak at this year’s TEDxToronto conference:


  • Introducing our TEDxToronto 2016 Host // Live-Stream Details

    • October 12, 2016
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    With exactly 15 days until conference day, our speakers and performers are putting the final touches on their talks and performances. The role of our host is to weave each of these stories together, keeping you engaged and allowing you to get the most out of your day.

    With that, we are proud to introduce our TEDxToronto 2016 Host, Jamie Clarke. The ultimate adventurer, Jamie is best known for summiting Mt. Everest twice, and sharing his inspirational outlook throughout his best-selling books and talks. To learn more about Jamie, check out our website.


    Watch TEDxToronto 2016 from anywhere

    Where will you be on October 27th, 2016? If you are not attending the conference, you can still experience the full day in real-time, as of 10am, on We encourage you to organize viewing parties with your colleagues at work, common areas at school or even check-in throughout the day while you’re on the go!

    We encourage you to engage with us online (@tedxtoronto) with your thoughts, ideas, comments and questions during conference day. In partnership with The Working Group (TWG), we will also be hosting a live Q&A with our speakers & performers on Twitter Periscope (@tedxtoronto), during each of the breaks.

    We look forward to unveiling TEDxToronto 2016: Symbols & Signals to you very soon.


  • Delegate Series: Personal Stories

    • August 19, 2016
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    Special contribution by Andrew Talpash


    I have been attending TEDx Toronto for three years now, and I look forward to attending each year. The talks are thought-provoking, and allow me to take time to pause and reflect on where I am going and what I am focusing on. My favourite part of each talk is the personal element, as I am intrigued by people’s unique stories and life experiences – and the way you can find ways to relate to each of these fascinating individuals.

    There is such a wide range of topics covered throughout the conference day, which allows me to get a pulse on what is at the forefront of the minds of Canadians – while becoming further informed on emerging trends in science and technology.

    The opening performance is always impressive, usually drawing from some of the best talent in Canada’s performing arts community.

    TEDxToronto is always a day that leaves me inspired.


    Applications to Attend are open until September 5, 2016 at 11:59pm // Apply Today Here

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