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  • Delegates Announced

    • August 20, 2010
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    We don’t charge for tickets to TEDxToronto. Instead, we asked interested parties to submit a short application. We do this for two reasons: to be fair in allocating seats and so that our audience members are of high calibre.

    Today, we were pleased to notify applicants if they received a delegate pass this year. In total, 200 people were selected from over 850 applicants for a spot in our live audience.

    The quality of this year’s applicants surpassed everyone’s expectations and made the selection process an unenviable task for our volunteer-based committee. To help you understand what we mean, here are some of our applicants:

    • Rhodes Scholars
    • Physicist with a theorem named after him
    • Canada’s most award-winning music video director
    • Doctor who ran the Ironman and grows food in his backyard
    • Parent who published 20+ books and gave parenting advice to Britney Spears
    • And people from non-profits, government, technology start-ups, students, consultants, volunteers, researchers and dreamers… just to name a few

    Thank you if you submitted an application. It has been a difficult and inspiring process.

    Fairness was paramount to how we approached the selection process. Everyone was judged on the effort they demonstrated in assembling their applications in addition to how well their application related to this year’s theme of “A Call to Action”.

    While unfortunately we are limited by the venue’s space and can’t have everyone attend the live event, our committee is fully committed to making this year as accessible as possible. We have established several ways in which you can still take part:

    • Watch the event live at one of our Satellite Viewing Parties or host your own Satellite Viewing Party
    • Watch the live webcast by visiting TEDxToronto.com on September 30th
    • Attend the after-party with 1,000 others at 99Sudbury starting at 9pm (ticket sales coming soon)

    Official Satellite Viewings will be held from 9am to 4pm at MaRS Discovery District, The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) and The Remix Project.

    This event is free of charge thanks to the generous support of our sponsors: Jet Cooper,  The Biz Media, Extreme Group, Idea Couture, BNotions, The Working Group, Sheridan, Freshii, The City of Toronto, Glenn Gould Studio, Greenscroll, Sense Appeal, Soma Chocolatemaker, Indgo Books & Music, Lavin Agency, National Speakers Bureau, BuildMyLanyard.com, Traffic Design, Livestream, NotableTV, 99Sudbury, and Stella Artois.

    Thank you again for your interest in TEDxToronto and commitment to Ideas Worth Spreading.

  • Delegate applications close today at midnight

    • August 6, 2010
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    If you’d like to be part of the live audience at TEDxToronto on September 30, make sure to submit an application online by midnight on August 6. There is no cost to attend. We’re inviting you to be among Toronto’s change-makers at the conference, themed “A Call to Action.”

    A successful delegate is authentic, passionate, and inspired by TED. Our team will review applications over the next few weeks and notify you if you’ve been selected.

    If you’re not selected, there are still ways to get involved:

    • Watch the live webcast of the talks on September 30 from 9am to 4pm by visiting our website or joining a satellite viewing party. Instructions will be posted on our site soon.
    • Join us at the after-party with 1,000 other local TED lovers at 99Sudbury. Tickets go on sale soon.
    • Follow @TEDxTO on Twitter or the #TEDxToronto hashtag for live updates.
    • If you’re a member of the press, please email media@tedxtoronto.com to request a press pass.
    • To sponsor the event, please email sponsorship@tedxtoronto.com.

    New Teaser Videos

    Our sponsor The Biz Media has created high-quality teaser videos for each of our announced speakers. You can now watch trey anthony, Tonya Surman and Dr. Catherine Zahn talk about what inspires them on our YouTube channel.

    We look forward to seeing you on September 30!

  • Toronto’s TED Fellow

    • July 23, 2010
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    Written By: Gloria Chik, @urbanebloc

    As TEDxToronto’s resident TED fellow and Co-chair, Gavin Sheppard has had the opportunity to mix amongst the brightest of “TED Heads”, attend workshops on how to deliver engaging content, and participate in what he deems to be “mind-blowing” presentations. As the founder of The Remix Project, a program geared towards educating youth in Toronto about arts, media, and business, Gavin suggests that he contributes to the TED mission in the “ED”.

    “Entertainment and Design – it’s about the alternative education experience and helping youth reach their potential”

    Speaking to this at the first TEDxToronto event made quite an impression on representatives of TED from New York Head Offices, where he was approached afterwards to submit himself as a candidate for the fellowship program.

    “They asked some pretty large questions during the process. Things like ‘how are you trying to change the world’ to which I could only answer with, ‘listening and not trying to be a hero’. It definitely sparked some heavy thoughts.”

    After Gavin’s success with the program, he brings back the licensing rights to hosting TEDxToronto.

    “I now better understand the inner workings and the sheer production efforts that are invested in creating a TED conference. Now that Toronto is officially on the mark for TEDxToronto, it really brings us to a global stage. This year’s setting at the Glenn Gould Studio is a fantastic pick – we’ll have interesting speakers, great entertainers, and the acoustics and production within the space are brilliant”

    Where will you find Gavin during TEDxToronto 2010?

    “My role this year is to take control of programming the entertainment side. We’ll be able to showcase some of the amazing Toronto talent, some of which are from Remix. It’s going to truly be an exciting mix of individuals”

    Watch’s Gavin’s inspiring TEDxToronto talk from 2009.

    Learn more about The Remix Project.

  • Meet the marketing team

    • July 22, 2010
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    TEDxToronto is brought to you by dedicated volunteers who donate their time and skills to the non-profit initiative. We’ll be profiling each sub-committee throughout the summer. This week, we’ll start by introducing you to the good people behind marketing.

    Erin Bury – PR & Social Media

    After cutting her teeth managing PR for tech companies, Erin joined Sprouter to better utilize her passion for networking, community-building & Web 2.0 technologies. As Community Manager, Erin is the voice of the Sprouter community of entrepreneurs.

    A journalism grad who loves all things social media, Erin is also a tech writer at BlogTO and a columnist at Women’s Post, and has written for publications including VentureBeat. Erin is a co-organizer of Twestival Toronto, one of the founders of GenYTO and can be found on her blog, ErinBury.com.

    Follow @erin_bury

    Ashley Moore – PR & Copywriting

    “Amo” works for MuchMTV as a Marketing and Promotions Coordinator. She’s helped to host the MMVAs, meets countless celebrities, writes a blog on new music, and is a card-carrying member of Toronto’s underground music scene.

    Follow @amoore11

    Lynnette Visaya – PR

    Lynnette is a superhero – Prior to being half of the PR team ING DIRECT, she worked as a consultant at a government relations agency, made PR things happen in the tech and entertainment industries, and was the founding Editor of Laurier magazine Blueprint. Today, she bikes to work in Markham from College Street. How long does it take her? “1.5 hours usually, each way. So it’s not bad.” No big deal.

    Follow @lvisaya

    Gloria Chik – Blogger

    Gloria is a high-energy blogger, writer, marketer, social media specialist, business school geek, and Toronto Fashion community member. As the founder of urbanebloc.com, she spends her time perusing the city and online story telling for emerging people, places and things. In the past she’s been published in ION Magazine, Dose.ca, and most recently Scion Magazine. Some call her Bat Girl – working her days at an unbank and spending her after hours taking on new challenges.

    Follow @urbanebloc

    Heidi Tsao – General

    In Marketing at ING DIRECT, personal projects, and life in general, believes that new ideas are the food that fuels action. Always hungry, always willing to share. Let’s eat!

    Follow @heiditee

  • Delegate Applications Now Open!

    • July 15, 2010
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    We’re pleased to announce that delegate applications to attend TEDxToronto 2010 are now open.

    There is no charge to attend as TEDx events are non-profit in the spirit of ideas worth spreading. However, in order to facilitate an objective allocation process, a short application is required in order to be part of the limited live audience. This also ensures that the calibre of your fellow delegates is high.