TEDxToronto 2011 Viewing Parties and Live Stream


  • TEDxToronto 2011 Viewing Parties and Live Stream

    • September 17, 2011
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    Not able to make it out to the live event on September 23, 2011? Next week, all throughout the city of Toronto will be viewing party locations all around the city. Join together with others who are passionate about redefinition and the city of Toronto, and join the discussion about ideas worth sharing on that day. Want more information? Register for your closest viewing party here.

    Looking to view the TEDxToronto 2011 conference from the comfort of your own home? Stay in to tune in by visiting TEDxToronto.com on September 23, to watch the official TEDxToronto 2011 Live Stream. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TEDxToronto throughout the day to share your ideas, and follow our Facebook Page and Official Twitter Account for more information.

    See you online.

  • TEDxIBYork

    • October 10, 2010
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    We’d like to make you aware of an opportunity to have another great TEDx day. It’s the TEDxIBYork conference taking place at the Ontario Science Centre on November 11. Another chance to be inspired, informed and entertained. With a twist – half the audience will be invited high school students studying in the International Baccalaureate program, a curriculum shared by 3,000 schools around the world.

    There’ll be an eclectic group of more than 20 speakers, musicians and dancers to stimulate your mind and excite your spirit, including:

    • Ben Gulak – Young Inventor Extraordinaire, TED Fellow
    • Dr. Kieran Murphy – Neuroradiologist, Medical Device Inventor, Race Car Driver
    • Juliana Rotich – Social Media Innovator, African Activist, TED Fellow
    • Bob Richards – Founder of the International Space University
    • Mark Terry – Polar Explorer and Documentary Filmmaker
    • Ray Zahab – Internationally Recognized Endurance Athlete
    • Cleo Paskal – Geopolitical Analyst of the Results of Climate Change
    • David Silverberg – Spoken Word Poet
    • Pat Senson – Author of the Quirks and Quarks Guide to Animal Sex and Other
    • Weird Behaviour
    • Frank Russo – Cognitive Scientist, Inventor of the Emoti-Chair
    • Rob McEwen – Innovator and Leader, Member of the Order of Canada
    • Lishai – Slam Poet

    In all, there are over 20 speakers. You’ll get breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack food at breaks, a gala party in the Science Centre Hot Zone, and free parking for the $100 fee.

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  • Meet the Community Catalyst Team

    • September 27, 2010
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    TED is arguably one of the world’s most influential websites and currently boasts more than 200 million viewed talks yet still remains unknown in many communities.

    Last year at TEDxToronto we received a lot of interest from digital strategists, advertising executives, educators, students and other savvy online users but had less representation from communities made up of seniors, recent immigrants, low-income families, youth-at-risk and other under-serviced populations. We decided to build a team of community catalysts who actively work in communities where TED is virtually unknown. Some of the teams most exciting moments included working with Regent Park Focus to develop a public service announcement (see it here), setting up free satellite events at places such as the Centre for Social Innovation, The Remix Project, Mars, UTSC (register for one here) and increasing awareness and access to the event by connecting with several community agencies across the GTA.

    With an increase in the diversity of applicants who either applied to speak, attend or register for a satellite event we know the teams efforts were a great starting point but we’d love to extend them further. Think you can help? Become a community catalyst; help spread TEDxToronto to people in your community! One simple way is to organize your own satellite viewing, we’ve prepared a took kit to help get you started.

    Nayani Thiyagarajah is an emerging artist and storyteller, who uses words, sounds, theatre, film, and photography, to document and share stories with the world. She is a graduate from The REMIX Project and Ryerson University and the Co-Founder of www.letskalied.com a blog which showcases South Asian arts & culture in Toronto. She currently works at Manifesto and is a celebrated leader in several youth movements.

    Follow Nayani on Twitter @LetsKaleid

    Tina Edan is Manager of Leadership Programs at Maytree and serves on the Board of Directors at the Toronto Public Library. She is also a literary curator and writer. Her work has been published in TOK: Writing the New Toronto and has appeared in a number of literary installations across the Toronto.

    Find her on LinkedIn http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/tina-edan/3/865/938

    Allen Gelberg oversees all aspects of events held at the MaRS Collaboration Centre:
    Prior to joining MaRS in August 2005, Allen held the position of Director, Sales and Marketing at Vintage Hotels in Niagara on the Lake. Allen holds a B.Sc. in Economics, Sociology & Statistics and a Masters (M.Sc.) in Tourism Planning & Development. Allen joined the committee with a specific interest in increasing outreach efforts to seniors.

    Find him on LinkedIn http://ca.linkedin.com/in/allengelberg

    Brad Johnston works for the Ontario Government in the ministries of Community and Social Services and Children and Youth Services.  He is an active member of the Innovation Community inside the Ontario Public Service and looks for ways to connect divergent communities in the area of Social Innovation.

    Neel Joshi is from the beautiful island of Starborough. He’s a digital dad, idea tinkerer and is passionate about building resilient communities. Neel serves on the Board of Directors for  Regent Park Focus, lives in airports & wishes skype had a touch feature so he could e-hug his daughter.

    Follow Neel on Twitter @Neel_Joshi

  • Meet the Sponsorship team

    • September 22, 2010
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    TEDxToronto is a not for profit event, and so sponsorship is an important part of the event. Meet the gentlemen who have been successful in bringing in 42 sponsor companies to fund a $200,000-costing event.

    Paul Crowe

    Paul Crowe is a founder and co-chair of TEDxToronto. He is constantly amazed by the incredible people that TEDx has brought into his life. He feels blessed to live in a city that has so much to offer and is excited to feel the energy that will come out of the 2010 event.

    By day, he is Director of Digital Strategy at Extreme Group http://www.extremegroup.com/greatideas . He helps organizations bring ideas and business success to life in the digital world. This role challenges him to find new ways of solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities. For a longtime TED has been a resource for inspiration, education and entertainment. Being a part of TEDxToronto is his way of giving back to the city and movement he owes so much to.

    Follow Paul at @pcrowe or on his blog http://adjoke.blogspot.com/

    Jan Sterniczuk

    Jan Sterniczuk is a Project Manager of Innovation at AstraZeneca and currently resides in London, England. A native of Saint John, New Brunswick, he’s a lover of all things outdoors, travel, and biotechnology.

    Follow Jan at @sjanek

    Ricky Mehra

    Ricky Mehra http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/rick-mehra/2/374/1a8 is an innovation junkie. By day he consults for the healthcare industry, and by night he contemplates the future and the impact technology will have on life (artificial and organic) on earth.

    Follow Ricky at @trickayrickay

    Josh Sookman

    Josh Sookman was recently an Analyst at both RBC Venture Partners and the BlackBerry Partners Fund. These days, he’s also launching a new mobile technology startup called Guardly (http://guard.ly) and co-curating the Toronto StartupDigest http://thestartupdigest.com

    Follow Josh at @jsookman or on his blog http://startuplifeblog.com

  • Meet our volunteer coordinators

    • September 20, 2010
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    Between the organizing committee, sub-committees, and day-of help, there are 50 people who volunteer their time to put on the non-profit TEDxToronto. Here are the ladies who are charged with that responsibility.

    Emma Brooks

    Emma Brooks is a 24 year-old Digital Strategist living in Toronto. She has many loves in her life: Pimm’s, soccer, ice cream, and advertising to name a few. She likes to brag that she has the fluffiest kitten in all of Toronto, hands down.

    Follow her at @ejbrooks or emmabrooks.ca.

    Carol Moxam

    Carol Moxam is a Certified Special Event Professional, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Coach, Trainer, International Speaker and Educator in Special Events Management.  She runs the Special Event Boot Camp www.specialeventbootcamp.com, is involved with her “Dance with Money” project in the community, and loves building our team of extraordinary people for TEDxToronto.

    Follow her at @eventbootcamp.