Philip Beesley

  • 2017
  • Design

In this talk, Philip invites us to imagine and explore his world, where the environments and the objects he designs come alive, not as monsters but as fragile and even vulnerable systems. Beesley’s artistic practice combines sculpture, advanced robotics, and emerging materials to create landscapes sense their environment, crave, and reach out for human contact. Philip Beesley serves as the Director for the Living Architecture Systems Group and as a Director for Riverside Architectural Press. His Toronto-based practice, Philip Beesley Architect Inc., incorporates industrial design, digital prototyping, and mechatronics engineering. Collaborating with artists, scientists, and engineers has led to a diverse array of projects, working from haute couture collections including hybrid fabrics, to curiosity-based machine learning environments. Beesley has authored and edited sixteen books and proceedings. His work has been featured in various publications, including MIT’s Artificial Life, Vogue, and WIRED.