October 27, 2017 -

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The problem with purpose | Jordan Axani | TEDxToronto 2015

  • 2015
  • Leadership

Jordan is a Toronto native and entrepreneur. He made global headlines in 2014 when he posted a simple message on Reddit offering anyone who shared the same name as his previous partner a free plane ticket for a trip around the world. This simple deed of trying to pay it forward earned a shocking 4 billion media impressions. However, the real story began when he ended up in a Hollywood cyclone of media pressure, launching him on a journey rife with challenges.

Day to day, Jordan leads two organizations that were created during the viral wave. He is the Founder and Chair of A Ticket Forward, a charity to support at-risk youth through travel, entrepreneurship and mentorship; and, he is the CEO of Seekeasy, a startup that enables travellers to have an on-demand local expert anywhere they go.