october 2020 – march 2021


The world today is something we’ve never experienced before, and these uncharted waters are making us ask some big questions. How can we see the larger picture, find sources of hope and realize the power each of us has to chart a better course?

Uncharted spanned a series of thoughtfully curated evenings where attendees encountered critical new ideas and perspectives, were inspired to think differently, and engaged in meaningful dialogue with fellow curious souls.

Each of our events were designed to allow attendees to connect with others and take them on a journey—from understanding where we are, to discovering our shared connections, and charting a new course.

Part 1

Understanding Where We Are

October 29, 2020


Discovering Our Connections

November 26, 2020


Exploring New Territory

February 4, 2021 • TALKS COMING SOON

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Actor & Comedian
A two-time Canadian Screen Award winner, Paul plays Appa on the hit TV show “Kim’s Convenience”.

Lydia-Joi Marshall, Researcher & Health Equity Champion
The Vice-President of the Black Health Alliance, Lydia-Joi is passionate about bringing awareness to issues of health inequity and promoting personalized patient care.

Phil De Luna, Clean Energy Innovator
The director of a $57M research program, Phil’s mission is to help Canada achieve net-zero GHG emissions through developing new decarbonization technologies.

Chenny Xia, Co-founder, GotCare
Chenny is changing how home health care is delivered, creating a more equitable system by leveraging technology and design thinking.


Shifting Our Focus

March 4, 2021 • TALKS COMING SOON

Jason van Bruggen, Filmmaker & Photographer
Through his craft, Jason captures the vulnerability of our ecosystems and the people who live within them, illuminating the strength and fragility of our planet.

Gillian Hadfield, Professor of Law & Strategic Management
An expert on the legal and regulatory systems that govern AI and other complex global technologies, Gillian is the Director of the Schwartz Reisman Institute for Technology and Society at UofT.

Ryan DeCaire, Mohawk Language Learner and Teacher
Ryan is working to revitalize Kanien’kéha (Mohawk language) through instructing students at an adult immersion school, and as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.