May 17-19 2022
Thank you for all your support in making TEDxToronto: Renew 2022 a success. We hope to see you again at our next event!




Over three nights in May 2022, TEDxToronto hosted our first in-person event since 2021: RENEW. As we re-emerge from two tumultuous years, RENEW presented us the opportunity to reflect on all we’ve been through, and on how we can build a world with more of the things that we hold dear in it.

RENEW is a chance to begin again, because when we believe we can renew our life, our connections, our values - we’re able to have hope in a brighter future, and faith that we can create it

Part 1

Renewing How we Care

May 17, 2022

On Day 1 of RENEW, our speakers explored how we might build a fairer society through the ethos of business, new media, the performing arts, and the power of local community.


Renewing How We See

May 18, 2022

On Day 2 of RENEW, our speakers gave us new perspective and shared how they’ve drawn strength from challenge: from the journey of parenthood, to building robots, and the global refugee crisis.

Part 3

Renewing How We Care

May 19, 2022

On the final day of RENEW, our speakers looked ahead, exploring how we can break barriers to drive our country forward, explore new scientific frontiers, and disrupt old media models.


PART 1 | renewing how we care

MAy 17, 2022

Founder, Rumie

A former sustainable investor turned activist, Tariq is on a mission to build a fairer, more sustainable kind of capitalism.

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Kelly is the lead producer for CBC’s Six Nations Bureau and an award-winning journalist, spotlighting Indigenous art, representation, history and more.

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Professional Human Beatboxer

Dubbed “The Beatbox Scientist”, Andre is an award-winning performer who pushes the boundaries of his audience's imagination through sound.

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Founder, Kakhwa’on:we / Real People Eat Real Food

Chandra explores the links between food, art, people, language and land through her work with Indigenous communities and educational organizations.

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PART 2 | renewing how we See

MAy 18, 2022

Entrepreneur and Creative Storyteller

Tanya has built a 20,000-person global village dedicated to educating and empowering Black mothers and their families.

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Refugee Activist and Author

An activist for the Rohingya community, Jaivet is the only person to have ever successfully escaped Manus Island, Australia’s notorious detention center for immigrants

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Robotics Expert

Jessica builds robots that move like an elephant’s trunk, but are small enough to be used in brain operations.

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PART 3 | renewing how we build

MAy 19, 2022

Global Innovation Policy Expert

Known around the world for his expertise on innovation-based industries and their impact on communities, Professor Dan Breznitz helps us debunk myths on the connections between innovation, growth and prosperity.

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Genetics Researcher

Armed with a passion for biotechnology, Nafiseh is the Executive Vice-President of R&D at Mediphage Bioceuticals, where she develops innovative solutions for genetic and infectious diseases.

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News Anchor

One of the most beloved broadcasters in Toronto, Brandon has built his own news show and media company to redefine how news is shared in Toronto.

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Health & Safety

TEDxToronto takes the health & safety of our guests and team members very seriously. In compliance with provincial mandates, we work with health officials to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. While it may be a bit different from the last time you joined us, we look forward to welcoming our community back and creating unforgettable memories.