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TEDxToronto is 100% volunteer run. Everything we do is made possible by a group of talented individuals from all walks of life who come together every year to help share ideas worth spreading in our community and beyond.

Why Volunteer?

Help contribute to building a better city and region through the power of new ideas. And, tap into a meaningful growth opportunity by learning new skills, being challenged and building a strong and diverse network.

an Impact
  • Build programs and tools that allow ideas to flourish

  • Mobilize communities to come together

  • Have a unique chance to drive real, local impact.

& Grow
  • Challenge yourself in new ways

  • Build practical skills to grow in your career and beyond

  • Become part of a community of volunteers that lifts each other up

Grow your
  • Work and learn alongside amazing volunteers from different personal & professional backgrounds

  • Build lasting and meaningful connections

  • Have a ton of fun!

Volunteer Highlights

The TEDxToronto team is like a family, with everyone working towards a common goal. Each person is involved in a task that they are passionate about, and together they achieve something special - bringing ideas to an eager audience. In those moments you realize that your efforts have touched someone and made a difference.

Volunteering at TEDx has allowed me to grow my skills further outside my job and meet an amazing group of people who have always supported me and allowed me to grow my ideas and creativity. I have met so many people who have advanced my career already.

Volunteering with TEDxToronto can help improve your connections to our city and provide you with a wealth of new perspectives you hadn't previously considered.

Our Values

Stay Curious. Spread Ideas.

We believe ideas have power to change lives. We are driven to expand our understanding of the world through ideas and we actively participate in their spread.

Strengthen Community.

We work to build and nurture strong communities by connecting people to ideas, and each other. We aim to create local impact in the GTHA.

Welcome diverse perspectives.

We seek voices and ideas that reflect the diversity of the GTHA. We provide spaces where everyone feels welcome and safe, no matter their background or personal opinion.

Have Courage.

We are not afraid to follow the spark of an idea. We share what needs to be heard and we push the boundaries when it matters.

Own it.

We show initiative and see it through. We are accountable to our community and to each other, and we are honest with ourselves on what we can handle. 

There are two ways to get involved with TEDxToronto.

Organizing Team

The TEDxToronto organizing team has over 60 volunteers across a variety of teams, from finance to marketing to speaker coaching.

Each team has a lead, who also sits on our Core Organizing Team. View our available opportunities for the Core Team or various teams below to find a role that fits your interests!

Day-of Volunteer

TEDxToronto often recruits volunteers to help facilitate our programming and events on the day-of or leading up to it.

Day of volunteer positions will be posted throughout the year as they become available. Check our website and social media pages regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to hear about upcoming opportunities.

available opportunities

Available Opportunities

Role Type
Web Developer
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